Fannie Buten, the world’s verified oldest Jewish person, died recently in suburban Philly. She was 111!

For the Austrian-born Fanny who came through Ellis Island as a toddler of two, the number “1″ was to be significant. At age 111, she was No. 1 on the Jewish gerontology list, she scored a hole-in-one in her seventies on Green Valley Country Club’s greens, but she was also numero uno to her family.

Active in Jewish charities throughout her life (along with her late husband, Mottie), she was also well-known for her humor, her milk sponge birthday cakes, her love of cooking, and making family her number 1 love.

The supercentenarian witnessed the invention of the telephone, two world wars, television, flight, cars — and the Internet.

Source: Excerpt from an article by Marnie Winston-Macauley, click here to read the article in full.

Fannie Buten Obituary

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