As I write this, Pres. Obama has just finished giving his surprisingly long speech at the memorial ceremony in Tuscon for those shot last weekend after a day when members of Congress paid tribute to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the House. Admittedly, a white member of Congress and other white people, including a little white girl, getting shot will get top of the news for a while. And while what happened is obviously a tragedy, isn’t there at least a little bit of hypocrisy in it all?

– How many other innocent people injured or murdered by attackers in the past year who weren’t famous got such attention?
– How many others were killed by someone who, for lack of funds for mental health treatment, were on the streets untreated?
– How many service people killed heroically serving over seas got such attention?
– How many ordinary people will get the health care now and afterwards that Giffords will get?

I could go on, but you see what I’m getting at. I don’t begrudge the attention and so on to the victims and to what happened, but don’t others unknown to the President and Congress deserve at least a little attention, too?

Source: uncle-dave

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