Who would that be? Why! Prince Andrew (the London tabloids gave him the sobriquet of Randy Andy) and his billionaire pal, (convicted sex offender) Jeffery Epstein.

Prince Andrew’s Friendship with Jeffrey Epstein

While “Randy Andy’s” antics with wannabe “It Girls” have long been the stuff of prurient tabloid fodder, it is his cretinously ill-advised choice of associates that is causing the present rumpus. The Prince has been a frequent guest at the Florida residence of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire who received an 18-month conviction for soliciting minors as prostitutes after Virginia Roberts, a masseuse, reported that he had exploited her for sex when she was just 17 years old.

The British Mail on Sunday reports the FBI is re-opening the Epstein case. Though no allegations of direct impropriety have been made against him, the duke did receive a massage at Epstein’s home 10 years ago, and was photographed with him as recently as December 2010. His impecunious ex-wife, Sarah Duchess of York, who was recently caught out in a cash-for-meetings scandal when she claimed she could broker encounters with her former husband for a fee, accepted £15,000 from Epstein to pay off debts, apparently at the duke’s instigation.

Source: Excerpt from an article by Lisa Hilton in The Daily Beast

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