The Steakhouse

You can almost always count on finding a good steakhouse in every American city. And then there’s Peter Luger in Brooklyn. In business since 1887, it is renowned for its rigorously selected, succulent, buttery porterhouse prepared to exacting standards. This is not a fancy place; it’s cash only, and the service is gruffly efficient. No carnivore should miss it.

Restaurant With a View

My choice is Nepenthe in Big Sur. A casual place perched right by the Pacific, with tiered outdoor tables so that all can enjoy the glorious panorama, this is one of the most singular settings I’ve ever found in which to enjoy a meal. I was relieved to hear it survived the terrible fires that ravaged Big Sur earlier this summer. The food is simple but very good, and the thing to try is the aptly named “Ambrosiaburger.”

The Crab House

Maryland crab is one of the glories of America’s bounty, a food so inherently delicious that the less done to it the better. Jimmy Cantler’s Riverside Inn, just outside Annapolis overlooking Mill Creek, is the place to enjoy incomparable blue crab. Get them steamed and learn the indelicate art (wooden mallet required) of opening them. Or go for the nearly binder-free crab cakes, plump and irresistible.

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