Car insurance rates soar for drivers who have one moving violation and jump by more than 50 percent after three violations, according to an analysis of more than 32,000 insurance policies sold in 2010.

Drivers who bought a one-car, single-driver policy last year and had one violation in their driving history paid an average of 18 percent more for car insurance than drivers with no violations. The numbers get worse as your offenses pile up. Drivers with two violations paid 34 percent more for insurance, and drivers with three violations tacked on a whopping 53 percent to their insurance costs when compared to drivers who were violation-free.

The numbers get worse as your offenses pile up.

Some of the violations that hurt your car insurance rates:
• Speeding tickets
• Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• Careless or reckless driving
• Running red lights
• Failure to yield or stop at a sign
• Fleeing from police
• Driving the wrong way down a divided highway
• Improper passing
• Unsafe U-turn
• Failure to use a child restraint

Which violation hurts your rate the most? “Obviously, a DUI is going to be one of the worst” for rate increases. But each insurer calculates rates differently, so a specific type of violation may be priced higher by one insurer than by another.


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