By Harvey Tobkes

In the U.S. no one is paying enough attention to debt, either personal or government. It just keeps growing and growing like a weed. Nobody likes the idea of having to tighten your belt. Nowadays, we can’t cope with what’s happening , let alone what will happen next. What’s happening is… we are becoming a welfare state, swiftly and deliberately.

At my age, I remember when a million was a mind-boggling number. Nowadays, a billion does not impress. The new shocker is in the trillions ($15.2 trillion to be exact) to where our nation’s debt level now stands.

Is there no consequence? Can we continue to spend our way out of horrible economic times? It is my opinion that until the conscience and morals of the country change, and we all get on an austerity train, the downward slide will continue.

When can we expect to see a change? Only after a major disaster or misery of catastrophic proportions, do we become moralists and see the white light at the end of the tunnel that will bring us back from the other side. I fervently hope it never gets to that point, and pray that our next president (not Obama) can somehow turn the ship of state 180 degrees.

Hey! The Dolphins, in one season (2007) went from only one win and 15 losses to an awesome 11 and 5 turnaround record in the following season. They started this season at 0 and 7 and who knows…they just might make the playoffs. Nothing is impossible!

But giving that statement a little more thought, there are some things in life that are …
— (listen to this)>>>Impossible.


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