There have been lots of times that I have been very surprised. But the one time I remember the best was one Christmas when I got my first kitten…. It was Christmas Eve morning. There was a slight breeze in the house. I woke up humming, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. I walked to my window and peeked out. Snow was falling softly, landing on the ground making white hills. I sighed. Christmas was the next day. I couldn’t wait for Santa to come and place presents under the tree. Christmas Day was such a wonderful day.

That night my brother, sister, and I got a plate out from the cabinet and put cookies all around it. We put a halfway filled glass of milk in the middle for Santa. We added carrots on another plate for the reindeer. After that I changed into my pj’s and my dad tucked me into bed. The next morning was Christmas! I went into my brother and sister’s room to wake them up. Then I woke my parents up. We all went downstairs.

When I got in the living room I saw shining presents everywhere! I ran to my presents and got the stuff out of my stocking. I sat down to play with them. As I started playing, I noticed a shiny blue present with holes in it behind the tree. I crawled behind the tree and picked it up. It had my name on it. I put it in my lap and sat on the couch and tore off the wrapping paper. It was a box. When I opened the box lid out jumped an orange striped kitten with big, round, blue eyes. It had a blue ribbon around its neck. The ribbon matched its eyes. It started licking me. I was very surprised.

I thanked Santa a million times and went to my room to think of a name for it. I sat on my bed and put the kitten next to me. I stared at me with its big eyes. Then it crawled into my lap and started to purr. It liked me a lot. I decided to name the kitten Lovely because she loved me so much. I picked her up and played with her until dinnertime. She was really fun to play with. At nighttime when my dad tucked me in I asked him if Lovely could sleep with me. He said yes and put her next to me on my bed. She put her paw on my heart and purred. Soon I fell asleep. So did Lovely.

And that was a time that I was very surprised. I got Lovely as a kitten, and I still have her. She is now a mother of three baby kittens. All with big, round, blue eyes-just like their mother.

Author unknown

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