By Harvey Tobkes

In the past, our country was known as a melting pot where hordes of immigrants could come and assimilate, blend in to become Americanized. There is no need to even explain how this contributed to our strength as a nation. From an able labor work force in our factories and on our farms, to science, medicine, music, art, entertainment, movies, inventors, literature, businesses large and small; they made America great and we grew to become the most powerful on earth. They assimilated and “they” became “us,” just as a river flows into and becomes part of the ocean.

Because of their dream of coming to America, we have become very diverse in population; the word “multi-cultural” describes us well, but are we still a melting pot? Are today’s immigrants starting to melt into Americans, like the Irish, Italians, Poles, Russians, Bohunks, Jews, and Scandinavians?

Perhaps they will in future years, but skin color is a major barrier and difficult to overcome. Don’t point at Barack Obama to prove I am wrong because he is articulate, well-educated, blessed with good looks and a pleasing personality, but he is still the target of prejudice for many whites. Others are much less fortunate and that includes Asians, blacks, and many Hispanics. But someday soon the total of these people of color will way outnumber whites, and I would say in 25 years or so, whites will become a fractional minority and our skin color will incur prejudice and scorn and some will be ashamed to be white.

Can you imagine that?

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