By Harvey Tobkes

What the hell is going on with all the apologies lately? People whom we put on pedestals are falling off right and left; I’m referring to trusted financial advisers, sports idols, politicians, actors and entertainers, priests, CEO’s, judges, religious leaders, …need I go on?

Here’s the drill as to how our fallen idols handle it:

Good and evil

1. Get on T.V. and give a speech that starts with, “If I’ve offended anyone, I’m sorry.” You idiots! Of course you offended, that’s why you are making an apology. That little word “if” means “maybe” you didn’t offend anyone or maybe you feel in your heart that you really didn’t do much wrong and you don’t accept any blame, so let’s throw the word “if” in there. Maybe they think they can fool all of the people all of the time.

2. This is a beauty for the culprits. It’s like putting on a lead overcoat. They have a spokesperson announce that Mr. Celebrity has checked into a clinic of some kind for treatment, as if this alone should buy them some sympathy for their offensive or even illegal acts. So, alcoholics causing death while DUI, druggies, pedophiles, angry aggressives, spouse beaters, photographer punchers, embezzlers, foot in mouths, racists, politically incorrect, sex deviates of all kinds, just to name a few categories… they all check in.

3. You tell me how Mel Gibson’s saying he was drunk, can excuse his outburst against Jews, stating they are responsible for starting all the wars. How did that thought jump into his brain. Was it something in the Jack Daniels he was drinking? Or did the booze accelerate a flaming hatred burning deep in his warped mind?

I give no credibility to their excuses or misplacing the blame and the shame.

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