By Harvey Tobkes

If everyone had a Utopian life with no worries and everything we want at every stage of our lives, then the human race would have perished long ago. Life is competitive, if not against others, then within ourselves; we have our own visions of what we want and what we should be.

People who can appreciate what they have and their potential and inner hope and drive to achieve even more in the unknown future are fortunate.


And then there is the realization that life is about solving problems and there will always be problems. So, do not hope for Utopia. Hope to solve your problems and appreciate all that you have.

Why is it that most people are not happy? Sometimes, I find myself falling into this category, and I wonder if there is another way. Is this trait somewhat instinctive or perhaps so logical that it cannot be refrained?


However, there does come a time in most lives when you feel it’s time to reap the rewards of struggle and that time is called retirement. For some it’s like Utopia and for others it is boredom and hanging around waiting for the grim reaper.

Hopefully, you will leave the rat race one day and you too will discover the big “U.”

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