By Harvey Tobkes

Wedding cowboyWomen are definitely programmed differently from men. Even from early adolescence, some women, are already thinking about marriage in strange ways. Some want and desire a father figure and some crave the status, comforts, fame, security, recognition and acceptance that is gained by marrying an older man with money. They want to be able to gain immediate benefits without having worked or studied or having the intelligence to attain that on their own. Some of these women can learn from their spouses and have the brains to divorce or bury the man and take the money and exceed what he has done.


Vis-a vis, Leona Helmsley, she married a much older real estate mogul, who owned the Empire State Building and a chain of hotels. She was known as “The Queen of Mean,” and when her husband declined with dementia, she ruled with an iron fist. She later served a prison sentence for tax evasion, and after her release she was back in society but keeping a lower profile. Some detractors said she had no heart but she fooled them; Leona Helmsley died from heart failure at the age of 87, on August 20, 2007.

Worried womanHowever, this choice by women is not to be condemned because rich older men are always looking for trophy wives and someone has to fit the mold. If I were a woman, my choice would be THE MAN WITH THE MONEY, rather than marry a handsome but poor schnook and have lots of deprived children, and then in the end have my husband leave or divorce me because he could not stand the pressure.

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