By Harvey Tobkes

Tuesday night during the democratic debate, CNN took a question from a young black man who asked via satellite, “Do black lives matter, or do all lives matter?” None was courageous or honest enough to tell us what they really felt. The candidates all gave a politically correct answer to an unfair question when they chose the former, which was simply pandering to the black constituency.

I would have hoped someone would have had the honesty to state their answer in words similar to this…”Young man, what you are asking is not a proper question, and it is not really a question at all. To me, black lives matter, because all lives matter.

You are asking me to choose which lives matter and yet does not allow for the lives of the 255,000,000 human beings in our country of color, they also matter…white, brown, yellow, whatever. I am sure all of them feel their lives matter too.”

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