Who was the oldest super-centenarian who has ever lived and who is currently the oldest living person is a subject that has long been open to debate. Among longevity researchers and those who study centenarians throughout history, there has generally been reached a consensus that the oldest person on record with verifiable documentation was Jeanne Calment. Jeanne was born Feb 21, 1875 and died Aug 4 1997 making her 122 years 164 days old on the day of her passing.

But that is where consensus ends. Debate over who is currently the title holder of “World’s Oldest Living Person”, is hotly contested. First of all given that many of these “super-centenaries” live in outlying parts of the world, verifying the accuracy of their age claims is often difficult. Also given the advanced years of whomever holds claim to the title at any given time, it is an honor that can pass to the “second oldest person” at any moment.

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