Note from Harv: O.K. this wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong….


By Harvey Tobkes

When the world was given the news of hubby Bill engaging in fellatio in the White House, Hillary had to live with the deep shame of being the wife of a flagrant womanizer. She was even condemned by some as an enabler? No doubt, at the time, she hated him and probably all men who cheated on their wives.

Now there is a turnaround. Donald Trump, her opponent in a race for the presidency, shows himself as a lecherous misogynist; his disgusting words are recorded for the world to hear and no doubt those fateful words will hand Hillary the keys to the Oval Office. The archetype of whoremonger gives her the presidency on a recorded platter…how ironic is that?

So she goes from being scorned for living with a cheater to becoming president of the USA. No, not on her merits, but on the sickening behavior of Donald Trump, a man who aspires to be the leader of the free world and now voters see him for what he really is…a low class, narcissistic blow-hard with an out of control ego who wants to be President Trump. I don’t think that will happen!

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