Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you utmost evidence that the moon landings were faked and that the films were actually made at the Disney studios. I would like you to concentrate on the reflection in this astronaut’s helmet:

I trust the matter is now settled.

However to answer the question:

No it’s NOT true. Twelve men walked on the freakin’ moon. In great big boots. Some of them even drove a sort of car thing. Mickey Mouse on the other hand did not. They left a freakin’ mirror up there. If you get the angle right, you can shoot a laser pulse at it and the beam will come back and you can register it.

The moon is 239,000 miles off, give or take a bit. It’s not a great distance in cosmic terms and whilst it’s not easily achievable it is achievable if you’ve got a great big rocket to help you on the first bit. The great big rocket in question was the Saturn V which was in fact three rockets in one. It was 363 ft tall. For our American friends, that’s 58ft taller than that great big green statue that you’ve got parked in the water just off New York, and for the British it’s 48ft taller than the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben). It went FWOOSH! It cost over 6.5 billion dollars back then. Honestly, would you think they are going to make a monster like this and then make the films in Hollywood?

If anybody ever tells you the moon landings were fake, you are well within your rights to look them squarely in the eye and say: “You are a total arse and I mock you.”

Source: Quora.com

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