By Harvey Tobkes

President Trump has fired FBI director, James Comey, allegedly for the way he handled the investigation of Hillary’s emails. That’s what they want us to believe but it’s far from the truth. The truth is not since Watergate has a president dismissed the person leading an investigation bearing on him. This is so preposterous, it’s almost like if you were in the electric chair, telling the executioner…you’re fired.

I say firing Corey was deception: Trump probably fired Comey because the FBI was getting too close to the facts. Trump is in deep doo-doo now because of what transpired between his appointed National Security Advisor, (NSA), Lt. General Flynn, and Flynn’s taking a huge fee for a speaking engagement in Russia and sitting right next to President Putin at a formal dinner. By the way, Flynn refused to tell investigators how much money he received. Trump himself is almost certainly involved in that terrible Russian affair. I surmise Comey and the FBI were turning up the heat and Trump is now sitting in some very hot bath water.

Some accuse Trump of being a narcissistic sociopath, yet with all those warts on him, I still cannot say crooked Hillary would have been a better choice for the presidency, but that may soon change. Hey, vice-president Mike Pence, are you listening to the whispers?

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