Racism: In U.S.A. & France

Since the Civil War we have had serious troubles with racial hatred in America. We have made slow progress in the past 150 years, but the problem still exists. However, we are lucky in one respect, in this country our citizens, no matter their color or country of origin, consider themselves to be Americans. They may suffer intolerance, even hatred and discrimination, but proudly, deep down and in their hearts they are Americans and all the hate and non-acceptance by others cannot change that.

French flag

While in France, the situation is different owing to a superior, aristocratic attitude. For instance, the average Parisian is so proud of his city he looks down on other Frenchmen. The French are so snobby they feel anyone who is not native born is not ever entitled to be called French. A surname that is not French, is enough to indicate that the person is inferior. Therefore, the Muslim immigrants don’t stand a chance, and that includes those from countries that were once French territories or Protectorates, such as, Algeria, Morocco, Martinique, Senegal, Mali, Egypt, Mauritius, Niger, Tunisia, Chad, just to name a few. Today, France has a total population of about 60 million; Muslims comprise between 3 million and 4 million. Most are immigrants from Africa (the Maghreb [North of the Sahara Desert] or below the Maghreb… (Black Africa).

There ia three part problem in France, (1) religion (either you’re Catholic or yor’re an outsider), (2) cultural polarity, and then (3) color… but not necessarily in that order.

C’est La Vie!

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