By Harvey Tobkes

Yesterday, around 5 o’clock, we were preparing to visit our son Scott and his family for a dinner prepared by his wife, Betty. I was getting myself ready and in my grooming stage I was intending to insert my partial, but couldn’t find it. I looked all over the apartment and gave up in despair deciding it was a lost cause with the emphasis on lost.

I remembered last wearing it Friday when I went to the dermatologist and now it was Sunday. Then it struck me, and I began hating myself for being so stupid. What did I do wrong?

On Friday, after returning home from the doctor’s I was in my recliner reading a book and having a snack from a paper plate on the side table next to my recliner. You guessed it! I took the partial out of my mouth and placed it in the paper plate. Now, it’s my guess that I must have used a tissue and blindly placed it in the paper plate covering the partial. Later, either wifey Anita or I must have thrown the plate (with the unseen partial) into the garbage.

When I was brave enough to tell Anita of my dilemma, she went into action. Her Sephardic intuition must have told her to look through the garbage. I secretly thought that was a dumb idea since the debacle happened 2 days ago and it was useless to be looking in the trash. Oh My God! Yes! She found my poor lost partial at the very bottom covered with coffee grinds.

Not only did that find save us at least $1000 in not having to have a new partial made, but I was in awe of my dear wife. I was elated and rewarded her with hugs and kisses; I remember saying…”I will never be able to thank you enough, even if I live to be 90″ (I am 89).

At that, we both had a good laugh and left for Scott’s house in a very jovial mood.

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