By Harvey Tobkes

Mirror No.1 You see yourself, but from your very own perspective. Smart, handsome, sexy, well liked, admired, respected and lots of other admirable qualities too.

Mirror No.2 This is the mirror you will find at an an amusement park. A trick mirror that shows you in all kinds of ridiculous reflections that are soooo funny; there you are… extra short, tall and skinny, really fat. You almost fall down laughing and you feel good. And this is partly because you sense the pleasure that comes from being able to laugh at yourself because you know it’s not a real reflection; you are able to hoot at yourself and not suffer loss of your esteem.

Mirror No.3 Broken mirror

This mirror should come with a warning that says, “Do Not Look. May Cause Deep Pain.” This is the reflected image of you that other people see in clear perspective. You can’t handle the curiosity factor, so despite the warning, you look anyway. Oh My God! Did you see the dark side? Did you see the anguish and hurt you caused others. Did you also see, off in the background, your spouse, your children, your relatives, your friends, and do you see the tell-tale pain in their faces?

If you have a conscience which awakens you you from a long sleep and shouts in your ear , “Hey! Wake up! Mirror No. 3 is being the most truthful,” then it will be difficult and painful to believe what is being reflected. But if the realization hits you that this is the truth, then it will be an arduous task to remove the scar that just seared your heart.

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