SHURE PETS of Chicago takes the direct sales approach to pet products by inviting dogs to “Pupperware Parties.”

“I’m very intrigued with people’s connections with their pets,” said Andrew Shure, the company founder.

Humans have exhibited extravagant behavior toward pets for thousands of years, researchers say. Dogs, especially, are good about tolerating affectionate buffoonery.


“You can have fun at an animal’s expense without hurting their feelings because they are enjoying the attention anyway,” said Dr. Alan Beck, director of the Center for Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University. “They are society’s court jesters, and they love you unconditionally.”

Case in point: At the Pupperware party, Harvey, a male cocker spaniel, spit out a Devine Canine Breath Mint Wright had given him. She tried again to freshen him up with the Devine Canine Breath Drops.

“Who wants to see if it worked?” someone shouted.

Everyone laughed, but if Harvey was offended, it was hard to tell.

Stephanie Kruse said ideally the party would have been outdoors, but rain forced everyone into their two-bedroom apartment...creating an accident waiting to happen.

There was only one party pooper, so to speak, (a pooch that pooped) in attendance. Mo, a pit bull mix, had an “accident” on the living room floor.

Normally a punishable offense, this time Mo actually did everyone a favor.

“We were able to demonstrate the organic citrus cleanser for stain and odor control,” Wright said.

From pet products to pupperware parties

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