By Harvey Tobkes

Yesterday, while driving merrily along on I-95, listening to “Oldies” music on a CD, I got a call on my cell phone from Anita. There was a hysterical tone in her voice when she asked, “Where are you?”

I sensed her urgency but I jauntily replied, “I’m on the highway.” She said, “Harvey, be very careful, I just heard the news on the radio that there’s one car on I-95 that’s going the wrong way.”

I was not at all worried about her concern for my safety and I flippantly replied, “The news you heard is wrong…there are hundred of cars going the wrong way.”

Ugghhh Ohh! Suddenly I felt scared, embarrassed and stupid, but more stupid than anything else.
By luck and a miracle I was able to make it down the entrance ramp at Sheridan Street.

I went home and changed my underwear.

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