Obese individuals who slim down enjoy enhanced love lives, a new study finds.

Excerpt from an article written by Nathalie Smith, MSN, RN

For obese men and women who report sexual problems, weight loss of approximately 10% may do wonders for their love lives, according to Duke University psychologist Martin Binks.


At the beginning of the study, more than two-thirds of all women felt sexually unattractive and did not want to be seen undressed, but after one year of weight loss, only one-third of the women expressed these feelings. In addition, although 21% of women reported not enjoying sex at the beginning of the study, only 11% said so one year later, after their significant weight loss.

Fork in the hand of the devil

Increased sexual activity is an overall mood enhancer because it releases endorphins, some of the body’s natural feel good chemicals. So, for many people, less weight equals more and better sex, which equals more endorphins, all good reasons why people working to lose weight may want to reach for their mate instead of their plate.

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