OUR PRESIDENT DISGRACES THE NATION AND THE OFFICE WHICH HE TENTATIVELY HOLDS (this aricle was originally posted here, Jan13, 2018. It was on target and highlights Trump’s gaffes).


By Harvey Tobkes

Of all Trump’s many offensive outbursts, this latest about shit-hole countries will have great repercussions and will not fade away or get swept under the rug. Trump the man, the narcissist and the president has no shame.

His unsaid message which was not subtle screamed…if you’re not white, don’t come here, of course, it got universal condemnation. If that’s not enough he uttered his gutter language tirade 3 days prior to Martin Luther King Day.

The world watches as Trump makes Nixon look like Abe Lincoln.

Unless the democrats propose a presidential nominee who is a psychopathic serial killer, Trump is guaranteed to be a 1 term president, lasting until Tuesday Nov. 3rd, 2020…or even less.

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