By Harvey Tobkes

Try Playing “Let’s Assume” for One Minute.

1. Let’s assume that Trump had critical information, but not yet proven 100%, that Iran was set and intending to launch an atomic bomb against Israel, which was sure to ignite a Mid-East nuclear conflagration beyond imagination..

2. Let’s assume in a diplomatic meeting with Arif Alvi, the president of Pakistan, Trump promised aid and weapons amounting to many billions of dollars and let’s also presume Trump asked Alvi, to help with the impending disaster as our CIA had determined that Pakistan’s Secret Service knew about the impending doomsday act of Iran and exactly when it wold happen.

So, let’s assume in conversation after promising to supply the weapons to Pakistan and aid, Trump asked a favor from president Alvi, asking if he could shed more light and advise on the alleged nuclear intentions of Iran.

What did Trump do wrong? In the actual meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, Trump asked him for hard info related to corruption by Joe Biden and son. Biden, a man that may be the worst crook in political history and yet, for a while, he was the leading democrat candidate for the seat of the presidency. Was Trump protecting our country or seeking to simply discredit a corrupt, weak, unqualified, bumbling old guy who had no chance of being the least threat or competition to Trump, let alone winning an election to be leader of the free world.

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