By Harvey Tobkes


Last evening (about 45 minutes before the start of 7th game of the World Series) Anita cooked a delicious gourmet dinner. After we finished eating, she stacked the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and pressed the ON button, then we both settled down in the den to watch the game on T.V. She loves baseball almost as much as I do.

At the end of the 6th inning the Astros were leading the Nats 2 to 0. I loved the way the old guy, Max Scherzer, was pitching for his Nats team, but it wasn’t looking too good for the Nats. Which team would win the struggle was still anyboy’s guess. I was feeling a little antsy, so I thought I would kill some time during a commercial and “What the hell!,” I would show Anita my appreciation; after all, some women detest watching the game, while she enjoyed it with me. What I did was empty the dish washer of the clean dishes and then got got back to my e-z chair in front of the TV and proudly announced how I had just helped out with the household chores, (a rare occurrence).

Anita didn’t respond at all, she just continued watching the half-time show. Her silence and seeming ingratitude hurt my feelings, so I came up with what I thought might provoke a response, “Hey Sweetie! Your next husband is never going to empty the dishwasher.”

Anita was ready for that one…”Thank you for emptying the dishwasher, but let’s get this straight…
1… there’s never going to be another husband!
2… Anything happens to you, I’ll eat out every night!”

———————–—————–get him Anita————–———

P.S. Just in case anybody is keeping score, I lost that disagreement but luckily the Nationals won the game and the World Series. By the way, this coming November will be our 65th wedding anniversary. Our arguments this week, in case you want the score in baseball terms? It’s Wife 10, husband shutout, 0. Hey! I’m working on my hitting but her defense is just too strong.

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