By Harvey Tobkes

A recent Reuters article reported nearly 50 percent of British men surveyed would give up sex for six months, in return for a 50-inch plasma TV. However, only 37 percent of women were willing to be abstinent for that time period.

That information could have made a great Super-Bowl advertisement for Best Buy. I imagine the percentages would be much higher if the Brits were offered a 40 inch Telly for 40 days without sex. They say that size matters, especially to women, so I may be wrong about my conjecture Back to the idea of turning all of this into a commercial adVert…O.K.! Let’s see, I would have a young handsome couple on a game show and the host making the offer a la “Deal or No Deal.” He might ask, “are you both willing to forgo any sex for six months without watching this beautiful Sony LCD HD TV?”

Some choices in life are quite difficult to make.

Famous comedian Jack Benny, in a long ago radio skit, was in a dilemma when…a mugger demanded, “your money or your life?’ Jack responded, ‘give me a minute to think about it.”

What a question! What a decadent world!

Source: Half of UK men would swap sex for 50 inch TV | Technology | Reuters

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