M-W Dictionary def. NEOLOGISM: 1 : a new word, usage, or expression
2 : a meaningless word coined by a psychotic

Aromatic = an automatic crossbow
Boycott = somewhere to keep male babies
Campers = natures way of feeding mosquitoes
Claustrophobia = the fear of Santa Claus
Cobra = a bra for conjoined twins
Divorce = future tense of marriage
Dulcet = a boring tennis match
Experience = knowing all the things you shouldn’t
Failure = a one armed man trying to climb a rope
Fine = a tax for doing wrong. Tax = a fine for doing well
Fortune = a singing quartet
His = pronoun, meaning hers
Igloo = an Alaskan toilet
Lobster = a tennis champion
Marriage = an expensive way to get the laundry done
Office = a place your can relax after your strenuous home life
Optimist = some who allows his teenage son to borrow the car.
Out Of Bounds = an exhausted kangaroo
Porcupine = a yearning for bacon
Posse = a wild west cat
Reoriented = sent back to China
Rugged = the act of sitting on a mat
Savory = a piggy bank
Spellbinding = the cover of a dictionary
Stalemate = old spouse
Syntax = the money collected at church from sinners
Tantamount = riding a French aunt
Time = what keeps things from happening all at once.

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