Go Elon Go! SpaceX plans to launch its next group of Starlink broadband satellites aboard a Falcon 9 rocket as soon as Monday, Jan. 20, from Cape Canaveral,

On January 22, the company is scheduled to launch a modified Falcon 9 booster from a separate facility at the Florida spaceport to test the Crew Dragon spaceship’s emergency escape system.which has 3 boosters and all 3 are going to land after launch. The 2 side boosters are already boosters which have flown into Space and back to the launch pad. Now they are going for a space ride again. The rocket is world’s biggest and is will reduce the cost per pound of getting stuff into space even below the cost of the Falcon 9.

This rocket is sporting 27 engines and will be launching Elon’s “dream come true” into a heliocentric orbit following Mars around the Sun and is expected to drift through space for billions of years. I’ll be watching to see if it flies, (I feel sure it will). Falcon, please don’t blow up, or get delayed.

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