This guy is best decribed by the Yiddish word for a pig.
CHAZZAR: “Someone who wants more than what he needs.”

A man who won $2 million on a Michigan lottery show has told TV5 that he still uses food stamps.

Leroy Fick of Bay County admitted he still swipes the electronic card at stores, nearly a year after winning a jackpot on “Make Me Rich!”

He told TV5’s Bill Walsh that more than half the prize went to taxes.

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Fick said the Department of Human Services told him he could continue to use the card, which is paid with Michigan tax dollars.

“If you’re going to … try to make me feel bad, you aren’t going to do it,” said Fick.

Neighbor’s told TV5 that they have also seen Fick driving a new Audi convertible.

Meanwhile, Fick’s lawyer says his client hasn’t done anything illegal. Attorney John Wilson said the state knows Fick won the lottery money, since it “issued the check.”

State Department of Human Services inspector general’s office director Al Kimichik said food assistance on the Bridge card is guided by federal regulations.

DHS spokeswoman Gisgie Gendreau said under federal guidelines, if a person receives a lump-sum payment, the winnings are not counted as income.

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