By Harvey Tobkes


In 3 different languages, the 3 foreign words in the title above mean excrement. Up to this point, that summarizes what I think our 2 stinko choices are for choosing a president. So, it looks like whoever you vote for, you will need to pull the lever with one hand and hold your nose with the other.

I want to vote for A-B-T.

Anybody But Trump

But the clinker is that the Democrat candidate Biden is so bad…(please allow me a second to bite my tongue), I think I would find Biden even less palatable than Trump. The false information about the virus given to us by Trump is incredible. Had it been Biden who spouted the misinformation, it would add to the many claims of his cognitive shortcomings. When we hear it from Trump we just cover our ears. What a friggin choice for voters!

We don’t need a Messiah to emerge, just a common sense guy like Harry Truman to bring this country back to our position of world leader in peace and economy and standard of living.

As in the old joke where a guy walking the beach finds an old bottle. He uncorks the bottle and a Genie pops out and says…You have freed me after many years floating in the sea, in return I grant you a wish… The beach guy asks for the power to understand women. The Genie says…that’s too difficult, give me an alternate. Beach guy says O.K. build me a bridge across the Atlantic. The Genie says…”A helluva choice, but I’ll get started on the bridge right now!”

If I were given a wish in the elections, I would wish for that Genie to build me an outstanding president, and no alternates. That’s it! And if the Genie says…no problem, I’ll say to the Genie, I’ll believe it when I see it, and when I see it, I’ll believe it.

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