By Harvey Tobkes

It happened many years ago, but I still remember this incident.

In the process of doing the paperwork for the sale of an Audi at the Porsche-Audi dealership, I noticed the buying couple, both husband and wife had a Nazi concentration camp number tattooed on their forearms.

I was so shocked I had to ask a question that was not polite… “I see by your tattoos that you were in a concentration camp, so how is it you are able to put that aside and buy a German car?”

Their answer was…”What happened back then is only a memory, these are different times.”

I swallowed hard and said to myself, if I were them, I would die before I bought a German car.

As I look back, I think maybe buying a German car gave them a boost; made them feel more like they were becoming a part of normal society, rather than a unique but pitied survivor group.

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