In Nathan Ausubel’s “Treasury of Jewish Folklore,” appears the story of a famous preacher of Dubno whose driver stopped enroute to a lecture date and said, “Rabbi, do me a favor. For once I’d like to be the one receiving all the honors and attention, to see what it feels like. For this one engagement, exchange clothes with me. You be the driver and let me be the rabbi.”


The preacher, a merry and generous soul, laughed and said, “All right, but remember, clothes don’t make the rabbi. If you’re asked to explain some difficult passage of the Law, see that you don’t make a fool of yourself.”

The exchange was effected. Arrived at their destination, the bogus rabbi was received with tumultuous enthusiasm, and obviously loved every minute of it. Finally, however, there came the dreaded moment when an extremely tricky question was put to him.

He met the test nobly. “A fine lot of scholars you are,” he thundered. “Is this the most difficult problem you could ask me? Why, this is so simple even my driver could explain it to you.” Then he called the Preacher of Dubno…”Driver, come here for a moment and clarify the Law for these dull-witted fellows.”

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