By Harvey Tobkes

Brit-flagOn the very first night in London, we were very fortunate to have met the most wonderful English couple; it was at the Theater for a show called “Annie.” During intermission, we were in the foyer (the term they use for the theater lobby), and I was struggling with my handful of strange looking coins trying to pay a young lady for the coffee and scones. A perfect stranger came to my rescue in the person of Jack Fielding who kindly offered to help.

The Fieldings befriended us as if we were long lost relatives, and for 2 weeks they chauffeured us around to all the historical sites, museums, hot spots, restaurants and nightclubs in their Jaguar. I was seated in the left front seat where we usually find a steering wheel, and Jack was happily driving on the right of me. Frankly, it made me a little nervous so I kept my eyes off the road and focused instead on the top of the dashboard.

Anyway, after the show we drove to their beautiful estate home for ‘baigills’ (the word for bagels, in an English accent) and coffee. I thought it was a very nice gesture on their part.


The Fieldings have 3 children Malcolm, Melanie and Michael. 3 M’s, easy to remember.

A couple of years later they visited us here in Florida and we were able to reciprocate.

We still write to them, to keep abreast of what is going on in our family lives.

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