‘HOW TO LOSE AN ELECTION” new book by Donald J. Trump, coming soon


By Harvey Tobkes

Trump was an excellent campaigner, a man with vigor who was able to stir much enthusiasm in his supporters. He was in his environment like a seasoned entertainer… but this was Trump’s undoing:

Trump’s flippant attitude about wearing masks and his fallout with Dr. Fauci and other dedicated scientists, cast much doubt on his handling of the virus situation and caused many supporters to turn angry over the resulting rise in the death count. Then, as if more proof was needed of the benefit of wearing a mask, Trump, Melania and Barron got the virus.
He lost a lot of voters in September and October.

I imagine Tump is feeling like a caged lion now and has many regrets, but he brought it all on himself; at times, behaving more like an Animal House Frat Boy, instead of president of the United States of America.

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