Old couple1. You prefer to stay home rather than go out.

2. You prefer life lived on a schedule as opposed to life being spontaneous.

3. You find that you prefer sleep to sex.

4. You discover that getting older is physically painful. Your joints hurt as do your bones.

5. You digestive system goes to hell. You cannot eat pizza or drink wine or eat Mexican food or drink tequila. Tums are your new best friends.

6. Despite the fact that life is considerably more difficult than it used to be, you love it more than ever

7. You realize that you are really concerned about the future of the world.

8. You begin to work out a religious moral compass, or a cosmology, or a philosophy of life.

9. You begin to worry about what your legacy will be.

10. You are grateful for every day you are granted. You remember your friends who have passed over already. You miss them immeasurably, but you are so happy it was NOT you. Things you used to take for granted, you now look at with joy and wonder: birds, flowers, sunrises, sunsets, the orderly passage of seasons, the phases of the moon…

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