By Harvey Tobkes



You know, it’s not morbid to discuss this, in fact, it is almost funny, but when a man dies you will see for example, 1947-2011 on his tombstone. Well look again at the previous sentence and notice that little dash… that little dash seems so insignificant, but it represents an entire life, and what happened in life between

I am 93-years-old, and I must say the past 26 years of retirement have truly been the golden years of my life. The reason is partly due to the computer, which opened up sources of information and access to the world at large. For example, a young man from Argentina, Carlos Tobkes, (with my same surname) found me through a search, and we corresponded in Spanish for 2 years. I learned my Spanish back in the Bronx in 1949. Little did I know how important it would be in later years with the Cuban population in Miami? By the way, Carlos visited me in Florida and we had a wonderful time.

I use the computer to compose postings for my Blog; I manage my stock portfolio, and to do 100 other things so I am at the keyboard 2 or 3 hours daily. Today, via the Internet, I sent a birthday gift basket to a friend at his hotel in Zermatt, Switzerland. That’s still seems so incredible to me! In short, I keep busy. My exercise routine (7 days a week) consists of a 1-mile walk on the Hollywood Boardwalk, which is along side of the beach and I guess it is fair to say that I love listening to Pandora music on my iPhone and sometimes singing aloud without embarrassment. I monitor my speed in mph as well as distance, elapsed time, calories burned and number of steps all on my Apple Watch.


I enjoy watching toddlers chase the pigeons they can never catch, I love the many colors of green and blue in the ocean, seeing the magnificent cloud formations, and can’t help noticing (unless you’re blind) the pretty sunbathing beauties in their string Bikinis, lying on the beach by the dozens.

You may think I’m nuts, but whatever!

That”s me!

P.S. I am not ready to close my dash yet; I am having too much fun.

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