miami te amo

By Harvey Tobkes

Two nights ago, I awoke at 3 AM with my teeth chattering because Anita likes the bedroom to be arctic cold and set the thermostat way low. When I tried to adjust the A/C to heat mode…it blew the power in our entire apartment.

It took until the next day for an electrician to arrive; our building handy-man sent us his Cuban cousin an electrician who speaks 3 words of English…”IT GO BOOM?” Fortunately, I am fluent in Spanish, so we got along fine, just like 2 amigos who came to the U.S. on the same raft. It was complicated, but he fixed the wiring problem. We lucked out on that problem!

At the end, he refused to take the bill tactfully offered by Anita. He said in Spanish, “Mi primo me dicho, no aceptar ningun dinero.” I jumped to her rescue and laid the twenty in his hand, and gave him my blessings in Spanish, which worked great on breaking down his prior refusal.

Nevertheless, our electric power is now back, but I can empathize with people with who lost power when tornadoes recently hit in the mid-west and some are still waiting for it to be restored.

But for us, like the old saying goes…all is well that ends well.

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