By Harvey Tobkes ( b. Nov. 20, 1928 – )

I feel somewhat geeky when I think that I have a laptop, an iPad Pro, a PC and a wireless printer. I use Excel and Word programs like a pro and when it comes to photo editing I use Photoshop, Paint, Pic Monkey and several others. As for mp3 music, I have 6000 songs in every language and genre and zillions of pictures, mp4’s and videos. What else? I use bluetooth to feed to a necklace and transmit sound from my TV into my hearing aids, and does the same for cellphone calls and sound from all my devices.

I have an Apple iPhone and the watch… Oh! I am forgetting the weblog. I consider myself an expert blogger, in view of the high traffic (1000 visits or more daily and 10,000 page-views daily). Whew! Wow! How did I do all that?…with help from my son Scott; he showed me the path into the dark tunnel of technology.

After he read all this, his response was short and sweet..”Give a man a fish.”

He was referring to the Chinese proverb:… Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
—————————————-china boy————–———————-

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