——————-life is good—————-

By Harvey Tobkes

When I am asked what I want for Father’s Day by my children, I can’t tell them because, truthfully, I have everything I need. That is probably why in celebration of Father’s Day, yesterday, my daughter Julie insisted I join her for an Asian foot, shoulder, hand, neck massage. I was very adverse to the idea but the truth was…my wrists and neck were hurting, so I gave in.

I entered a darkened room where in the low light I was just about able to make out some typical Chinese decorations, there was a spooky silence, no sounds were heard, other than soft, soothing Chinese flute music. People are not supposed to speak and if words are needed they are spoken in a low whisper.

To cut a long story short my experience was like being in heaven; 70% of the time I was induced into a deep sleep and the other 30% I was in a twilight zone. Once, Julie (on the table beside me) had to nudge me because in the quiet ambience my snoring was too loud. Never in my life did I zonk out on drugs, never got high on marijuana, but the peace and bliss I felt in the hands of my Asian masseuse must be what drugs do to calm the mind and body.

No one who was not with us can imagine my trifecta of pleasure, which started with a sleepover at Julie’s home. The mattresses are like clouds so I had a good night’s sleep. In the early afternoon, we had a lobster lunch at the N.Y. Yankee steak house in the Seminole Casino, preceded by the Julie’s breakfast delights which she served served me this morning, and then the Asian massage in the late afternoon. Ahh! Utopia! Life is good and yesterday…what a helluva Father’s Day!

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