PhotobucketABRAHAM LINCLON — 1861 to 1865…Abe embraced a new invention, the telegraph, using it to communicate with war generals.

BENJAMIN HARRISON — 1869… He had the White House wired for electricity, though it is said he feared electrocution.

WILLIAM McKINLEY — 1897… He was a newspaper baron who became the first “mass media president.”

HERBERT HOOVER — 1929…He was the first president to have a telephone on his desk.

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT — 1933 to 1937…regularly communicated with the people via casual radio addresses called “fireside chats.”

HARRY TRUMAN — 1947…He became the first president to give a speech on television.

JOHN F. KENNEDY — 1960…His victory winning the presidency, was said to be partly due to his cool demeanor during the first televised debate against his nervous opponent, Richard Nixon.

RICHARD NIXON — 1969…From the Oval Office in the White House, he talked by radio-telephone to the astronauts who landed on the moon.

BARACK OBAMA — 2009… He was the first president with a desktop computer in the Oval Office.


Source: The Miami Herald article Tech for the People by Samantha Riepe

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