1. To get the time in Haifa, Israel, insert Time, Haifa, Israel.

2. Check your stocks or mutual funds. Simply enter Stocks or Mutual Fund, and then the Symbol – e.g. Stocks GM.

3. Google is a currency converter. Simply type 1 USD in EUR or whatever currency you need. USD in Swiss Francs

4. Get the score of a sport event in progress live: type in Key words e.g.Baseball, Marlins

5. Use Google for calculations. You can enter everything from simple arithmetic to trigonometry using the search box. First of all * is the multiplication symbol and forward slash / is the divide symbol. For instance, you can enter 26 * 9000, Google will give you the answer…. or sin(90) / cos(90)

6. Use Google as a dictionary. Simply type in Define: Keyword, e.g… Define sesquipedalian.

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