Dear Abbey:

When is the appropriate time to stop baby talk with your children? I am starting to get looks from my friends whenever I speak to Melvin in an overly sweet way or use pet names. I call him Snookums and he calls me Mummsy Pie. He’s my itsy bitsy Poopsie Boy and he wuvs his bwekfist Cheerios. He tells his friends that his Mummsy Pie is the bestest Mommy in the whole worl.


My whole family has a long history of baby talk that still gets used regularly. I used to find it annoying, but now I find it difficult to break the habit with my son.

Is it wrong for me to be addressing him as the little professor? I just think a son should be treated as a son and yesterday I ordered a big birthday cake for Melvin’s big 40th.

I love him so much; he’s just my little pipsy wipsy.


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