By Harvey Tobkes

On a first visit to a doctor’s offiice, the receptionist hands you a clip-board with a questionaire; you are asked to fill out a bunch of forms. Usually they require personal info as to your identity, whom to notify (just in case), your insurer and then a litany about your present health and prior conditions.


I admit to being somewhat adversarial when I’m up against that in-depth intrusion to my privacy and having to expose my life to these people is embarrassing, but nevertheless, I give it a shot.

There is one question I love to answer because it’s my private test and I am still batting 100%. What I am referring to is my belief is that the only thing they read is your insurance qualification, after that they could care less. What do I mean? How do I know that? In all the years that I have filled in the forms when I come to the question: “Are you pregnant?” I always answer YES.

You would think that a doctor might be interested in this phenomenon, but no, I’ve never been asked how, why, when, or are you kidding! I would be overjoyed to hear one physician ask me something related to my pregnancy like how many months or boy or girl.

Nope! Read my lips it’s the insurance info they want, because they don’t have time to read all that other garbage.

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