By Harvey Tobkes

I am about to relate a story which was told to me only last week by my son Scott. Like all concerned grandparents I asked him how my grandson (Scott’s son Michael) was doing in his 3rd year at college. I also asked if Michael was definitely decided on a career as an accountant.

Scott said, “Dad, I’ve known since Michael was a little boy that he would be an accountant. How? I was putting him to sleep one night when he was about 5-years-old and I chose a nursery rhyme song that you used to sing to me, only I changed the lyrics a bit. I sang”…

The animals all went into the Ark 3 times 3, and that’s 9, for to get out of the rain.
The animals all went into the Ark 4 times 4 and that’s 16, for to get out of the rain.
The animals all went into the Ark 5 times 5 and that’s 25, for to get out of the rain.

I did it progressively until I was into the double-digits and I felt Michael was surely asleep at that point because I was half asleep myself from reciting the repetitive lyrics over and over. I was up to 13 times 13 and I stumbled for a moment with the multiplication, when I heard Michael’s little voice say, “169’dad,…for to get out the rain.”

Someday, when Michael has his own accounting firm, I am hoping perhaps he will have a look at what his grandpa Harvey wrote and remember all the laughs and good times we shared together under roof, for to stay out of the rain.

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