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Interesting information if you didn’t know before. In the 1940s, it was obligatory for Jews in the performing arts, especially the movies, to hide their Jewishness behind Gentile names.

Thus, Ella Geisman became June Allyson; Bette Perske, Lauren Bacall; Bernie Schwartz, Tony Curtis; Issur Danielovich, Kirk Douglas; Frances Rose Schorr, Dinah Shore; Marion Levy, Paulette Goddard; Muni Weissenkopf, Paul Muni; Julius Garfinkel, John Garfield; Allan Koenigsberg, Woody Allen; Benny Kubelsky, Jack Benny; Asa Yoelson, Al Jolson; Charles Bushinsky, Charles Bronson; Sara Gabor, Zsa Zsa Gabor; Archibald Leach, Cary Grant; Chaim Liebovitz, Lorne Green; David Kaminsky, Danny Kaye; Dorothy Kaumeyer, Dorothy Lamour; Mike Orowitz, Michael Landon; Joseph Levitch, Jerry Lewis; Leonard Rosenberg, Tony Randall, and Tula Finklea, was known as Cyd Charisse; etc. etc.

The easiest name transition of all, from Jew to Irishman, was made by Lee Jacob, to Lee J. Cobb. He hardly needed to change his stationery.

Which reminds me of the story of the little old Jewish lady named Perlowitz who didn’t show up at the fancy party thrown by her son, the Park Avenue doctor, because she had forgotten his new name, Prescott.

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