This morning a short while after awakening, I had one of my unexplainable freezing spells and not even the toasty warm fleece blanket Anita bought me for my birthday present last year was going to warm me up. So, I got an idea and moved from the bed to the couch on our terrace, which faces east and to the warm morning sun and the pleasant, quiet waters of the Intracoastal Waterway just below our terrace. All that seemed logical to me…. that had to help!

Big glacier

What a delight but unhappily I thought my luck was beginning to run out again because I had to pee and Anita is quite deaf since her teenage years when she had partially successful surgery. I did the only thing possible and tapped on the picture window…tap, tap, tap.

By some miracle, Anita heard the taps and came out to ask what I needed. I told her I had to urinate and wasn’t about to leave my comfort. I was grateful when she said, “I’ll bring you the urinal.” I can report that I was inspired by the all the water below and things went well until 2 or 3 minutes after finishing, my iPhone rang and a woman with a sexy voice was speaking to me and saying…”You don’t know me be but I live in the Olympus building just across the waterway and I just had to call to tell you, you have a cute dick. Small but cute.”

For a moment I felt my privacy was being invaded and this must be some king of a prank, because not even Superman has the vision to see across that distance. She explained she was a widow of a naval officer and treasured the binoculars her husband left her, as it was a cure for loneliness. She further explained she sometimes liked to use them to browse the many condo apartments within her view and she almost fell off her terrace when she saw me pissing in a urinal.
Since we already were so intimate, I asked her when she was available for a platonic lunch. She told me to go jump in the Intracoastal Waterway.


AND the ending is…tonight I sleep with the fishes.

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