By Harvey Tobkes

Most youngsters want to be older. Everyone wonders what they will be when they grow up. One boy gets to find this out in a way he had not anticipated. A fortune telling video arcade turns a young child into a man. I am sure most of you have seen the movie Big starring Tom Hanks who plays the adult version of the child. He gets a job at a toy company and quickly moves up the ranks from being behind a computer terminal to being in the board room.

Last year I was in Las Vegas and by serendipity, while window shopping in the Caesar’s Palace Mall, I came across FUN & GAMES MAGICAL EMPIRE. I was shocked to find the original wish machine (from the movie) with the Wizard Zoltar seated inside looking left to right, right to left, programmed to attract clients. My first thought was…What a break; this is my ‘Big’ chance! So, I boldly looked into Zoltar’s glass eyes and made a wish. I’ll give you one guess. Right! I wanted to be young again (simply a reversal of what Tom Hanks wished). I deposited my quarter and waited while Zoltar was contemplating his answer,

There was no POOF, no transformation, Zoltar did not speak a word, but out popped a red card with a message.


I may have to look him up.

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