By Harvey Tobkes

Most of you have seen the show at one time or another and are familiar with the characters of Ray and Debra Barone. I just have to tell you one part of tonight’s episode.

Debra had a migraine type headache and her mother-in-law and Raymond both suggested a folk remedy…they urged her to rub some dirt on it and walk it off. Debra was doubtful of this old wives tale therapy, but she tried it anyway, and then got back in the bed.

Later when Ray went up to see how she was feeling, she replied, “I can’t believe it but I feel much better now.

That sparked Ray to ask, “Hey, you want to play doctor and patient?” Debra gave him a wifely not-tonight-look and said…”Ray, why don’t you rub a little dirt on it and walk it off.”

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