For 35 years, Martin Hurkens made his living as a baker. Though he’d always dreamed of being a professional opera singer, he didn’t have the money to stay in music school. So, he sang while he baked (much to the delight of his customers).

Then one day, Martin lost his job with nothing to fall back on. So, Martin took to the streets of Holland. He’d place his hat down and sang his heart out, hoping for any donations he could get. In 2010, Martin entered a reality TV talent show called “Holland Has Talent.” And what do you know– this aging singer came in first place and was thrust into the spotlight.

In the incredible video above, Martin returns to the very streets that gave him the confidence and faith he needed to pursue his dreams. Though his recording career took off after he won the competition, it’s as if these passers-by are hearing his perfect tenor voice for the very first time. As Martin belts out the classic contemporary hymn, “You Raise Me Up” a stunned crowd gathers around him, wandering up to place money in his hat.

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