By Harvey Tobkes

The Florida Lotto Jackpot is now up to $30 million; that kind of money can make dreams come true.

Pick 6 correct numbers and you win; you don’t have to be a genius at mathematics, just dumb luck will suffice. In my case, I love playing the Florida Lottery. No! Not only for the money, but I get to fantasize about what I will do with all that moolah. For me, the pleasure of contemplating in my daydreams of how I would spend the dough, makes the $1 lottery ticket one of life’s biggest bargains.

I like to think I would not rush to tell my wife the good news. I would walk around for about a week with a poker face, like nothing happened. I would give her the same weekly allowance and she would still bring her “Money Saver” coupon clippings to Publix Super Market when doing her food shopping. Later, I would tell her to quit cutting out coupons, and why.

Then comes the real fun of how you can get even with people who were not nice to you. My asshole neighbor, who has his brand new Mercedes SL600 convertible parked next to my 5-year-old Toyota, is always asking me when he’s going to receive an invitation to my car’s Bar Mitzvah. Well, when I collect, I am going to buy a Ferrari and ask him if he wants to have a little race.

My children all have great careers and are O.K. financially, but I will give them each a million just to use for play money.

Anita and I would probably travel around the world, eat gourmet foods and enjoy all the creature comforts imaginable. No doubt, it’s good to be rich. Mel Brooks said it best in a movie, “Wow! It’s good to be the King.”

Alas, after a year, I will probably tire of the good life and want to get back to my daily routine, which I love dearly.

But I doubt if I would buy any more lottery tickets; after all, my FANTASY was fulfilled..

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